Scheinwerfer Reflektoren neuverspiegelung.


Re-Mirroring the Headlight Reflectors.

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 Coating of telescope mirrors and other optical components
 In telescopes and other optical devices, mirrors with metal coating  are used. The company RefOptik offers you such coatings with pure Aluminium(without protective layer). We specialize in sputtering ground telescope mirror from amateur astronomers in our high-vacuum system.

What do you have to do?

The procedure is very simple. Fill out the PDF form which you will find at the bottom of this page. Print it out and send us the mirror along with the completed form by post. Our experience in the field of vacuum coatings gives you confidence that your component is in good hands with us. The aluminium will be professionally evaporated and the component will be carefully packed. After a short time you will get it perfectly coated by post.

Prices (All prices are gross with 19% VAT) for coating for mirrors with diameters.
Sputtering the mirror with Aluminium:
of 1-180mm = € 35
of 181-235mm = € 45
of 236-280mm = € 55
of 281-330mm = € 65
of 331-360mm = € 75


You can also order a new coating for many reflectors at

We would be happy to send you a sample pattern (1 small glass plates, with aluminum vapor-coated) free of charge by post. You can easily request a sample pattern by email.

Important note:
-we coat the substrates with a maximum diameter of 36cm with 99.99% pure aluminium. The sputtering takes place in a high vacuum vapour deposition system by thermal evaporation, in which the mirror in the upper part of the vacuum chamber is attached at the bottom with the surface that has to be coated.
-we point out that the quality of the coating is only as good as the quality of the surface to be coated: scratches, oxide patches, dull or non-polished areas etc. will be immediately visible.
-the removal of the old coating is free of charge.
-The shipping costs per package are
€  7 within Germany
€  17 in other EU countries 

€  22 to Great Britain

€ 23 to the USA/Canada
-The shipping    is     carried out by DHL

-delivery to customers outside the EU is made without VAT. You may have to pay the applicable duties and taxes in your country when receiving the package.
-Processing time is 7-14 days
-We are only liable for the coating, but not for the transport or any damage to the substrate
-The delivery must take place in clean and stable packaging, preferably in a wooden box.
-The coating is designed to achieve better reflectivity. Therefore, the coated surface is very delicate and not suitable for brushing or washing.
-Through placing of the order, these conditions are recognised and taken to note


 Headlight reflector re-mirroring